Q & A time!

Why Prax?

We are not passive accountants that are comfortable posting historical data and having a quick check-in before continuing business as usual. We bring out-of-the box thinking and we’re highly motivated to help your financial health improve every single month. Our success is measured by your success, and we know it!

Why remote accounting?

We’re remote for several reasons, but it’s mostly about not imposing geographic limits on our expertise. Instead of being limited by local talent, we’ve pulled a team together from across the U.S. with an incredibly rich history of experiences, skills, and education. Team Prax is a close-knit group with a passion and knowledge base that you won’t find in most firms!

Who do you work with?

We carefully consider every proposal before engagement. Our niche (and where we get the most results) is with contractors or construction companies who: 

  • have annual gross revenues around $1M - $25M,

  • want to modernize and improve efficiencies, and 

  • want to grow strategically to own their market.

What can I expect when we start?

We always begin with an onboarding meeting to establish expectations and a timeline. We'll request accounting system access, tax records, view-only user logins to banks/credit cards, payroll access, and a few more nuggets. Sometimes you'll meet our #praxcats. 

Once we get going, we'll be in touch frequently with questions. The first 90 days are devoted to getting to know you, your business, your procedures & systems, your history, your team, your goals, your future prospects, your competition, and your market. No pressure, right?

What can I expect on a monthly basis?

We generally transition to monthly recurring services after 90 days. Your Prax Team will post data to your system, monitor accounts, reach out with questions or concerns, and keep you updated on action items.


Every month we host a virtual meeting to review your financials, resolve outstanding issues, discuss new developments, and track specific goals and action items. This Monthly Financial Review (MFR) is designed to stay on top of history and plan for the future!

How much does this all cost?

Check out our subscriptions! We offer custom pricing for each Tier after performing a Diagnostic of your accounting system. Due to unpredictable variables often hiding behind the 'curtains', we do not quote pricing before this diagnosis. 



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