How we roll...

We offer a unique kind of accounting here at Prax – we’re not interested in simple, reactive accounting. We want to get to know you and your big why. We’re here to help you plan ahead, take care of your people, gain a competitive advantage, and improve your financial health year after year.


To help small and mid-size businesses with heart achieve their loftiest ambitions. We’re here to help you achieve more with numbers, data, and defined targets.


We want to look back and see the change we've helped make in our world by elevating other companies. We envision a community of local entrepreneurs building toward social progress.

We adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the law. To Prax, the answer to ‘should we?’ is just as important as the answer to ‘can we?’ Which is why we’ve never opened a dinosaur park.

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Your 'why' matters to us. We work with clients who have a mission that goes beyond profits. 



People matter - and we look for clients who see and pursue the value of a happy team. 



We value innovation, we constantly improve our process, and we always look for the 'extra'. 



We produce a deliverable that blends accounting, business strategies, & progress tracking.