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What makes Prax so special...

We're laser-focused on hitting goals, we're fiercely loyal to our clients, and we specialize in turning our cost accounting superpowers into strategic growth for contractors.


Prax practices...

symbiotic profitability

Prax only partners with clients if we can pursue a win/win result. We want the value of what you receive to help your bottom line as much as our service fees help our bottom line!

moral responsibility

We adhere to the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. To Prax, the answer to ‘should we?’ is just as important as the answer to ‘can we?’

tech assimilation

Tech evolves at lightning speed! Our in-house techanic specializes in implementing custom I.T. solutions to create a competitive lead for each of our clients.

excellence + ownership

Our proactive process ensures we pull apart every number, track the right benchmarks, and stay on top of industry trends - all so you can strategically plan your growth.

Workers with Masks

87% of our clients are disenfranchised or

minority-owned businesses!

Protective Gear

Props for Prax...


We needed Prax's help more than we knew. When they came to our company we received what we needed and they also implemented new standard practices for our company that both simplified our day to day operations and made us more profitable in a short amount of time. We could not be any happier - thank you all!

- Tito T, American Minority General Contractors



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